Crater 1 - Laki Craters Mountain Expedition.

Laki Craters Mountain Expedition

Laki Craters Mountain Expedition is a guided luxury tour that takes you through rough mountain terrain around Iceland’s most famous craters that erupted in 1783-4, resulting in the largest lava flow in a single eruption in recorded history.  

  Laki mountain stands approximately in the middle of the row of craters and from there is a magnificent view of the row of craters and the surrounding landscape.   It is safe to say that the view of the area is spectacular, due to both unique nature and the history of Lakagígar. 

Here is a panoramic view from the mountain Laki 

Photographer:  Jean - Yves GRUFFAT.  Traveled with us in June 2014 .  Thank you Jean-Yves  GRUFFAT and Catherine MONTAGNIER

The road to Laki is a rough mountain road and vehicles must cross un-bridged rivers that swell in heavy rain.  That means you will have to drive into the river if you want to get to the other side. That's where insurance companies close their eyes and say, at your own risk!  Meaning that any damage to your rental vehicle in a river will come out of your pocket and your life is in your hands.  Normal 4x4 vehicles are often in trouble when crossing the rivers on their way to Laki craters keeping the local volunteer rescue teem busy.  

We the owners have more than 25 years of experience traveling in the highlands of Iceland in summer as well as in wintertime.  We are experienced local guides and we will give you informative and colorful explanations about the geology and history of Lakagigar.  We will take you fast and safe on the rugged road, giving you more time to hike around and explore this unique area.

It is safe to say that the Icelandic super jeep is an experience by itself.  A muscular built up 4x4, specially modified in Iceland to be able to deal with the tough surroundings in the highlands and on glaciers.  Our super jeep is on 46" (about 110 cm tall) tires and your driver guide will release most of the air from the tire making it very soft. The tires are not just for show.  We need this tires to get to the places we want both winter and summer.  It will only take us about 1.5 hours to get comfortable to Laki Craters.  Normal 4x4 cars will be at least 3 hours to drive this 45 km to Laki if they make it at all.   We will stop at Laki for about 2,5 hours.  You have plenty of time to hike on top of Laki Mountain for a magnificent view over the row of craters and to Vatnajökull glacier. There is an interpretation trail into the craters next to Laki Mountain that visitors can take.  A gentle walk into the craters with time to absorb the history should take about 45 minutes.

Our next stop is Tjarnargígur, only 15 minutes’ drive.  Tjarnargígur has water inside.  From Tjarnargígur you can hike the same path as the lava took from the crater (about 1 hour easy walk).  Your driver guide will move the super jeep to the end of the trail and wait for you there.

Among other places, we will stop at the beautiful hidden Fagrifoss waterfall and end our tour at the breathtaking Fjaðrárgljúfur gorge where passengers can walk downhill by the side of the gorge (about 20 min easy walk). The car will move on and wait for you at the parking lot.  There is a WC at Laki, Tjarnargígur and Fjaðrárgljúfur gorge.  

Our Super Jeep can take 14 pax but we normally do not take more than 10 pax in each car unless there is a group traveling together or a family.  Small group means less time to wait for others and more time for you to hike around.

Tour highlights:  Real mountain luxury tour in a super jeep, Experienced local guide, plenty of time to hike around, lava, craters, glacier view, un-bridged rivers, beautiful waterfalls, spectacular gorge and scenery.

Remember:  Food for the day, warm clothes and good hiking shoes, a camera and a smile 

Complimentary pick up at hotels near Kirkjubæjarklaustur

Price ISK: 

35.000 per person

Price information: 

Price per person. Minimum 2 participants to take the tour.  

Departure at 9:00 a.m.  Duration 8-9 hours.  This tour is on schedule from June to the end of September. 50% discount for children 12 and under.

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