Crater 2 - Mountains and Waterfalls, the Moon and the Beach

Mountain Expedition, Black sand beach and Pseudo- Craters

The highlights of this tour is Beautiful mountains and one of the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland Fargifoss (means literally beautiful waterfall) Magnificent canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur ,  Secret places in the Pseudo Craters (Fake Craters) And the Black sand beach with emergency shelter and a lighthouse that you can climb if you dare.

In this tour you will be taken to the most beautiful places not accessible in normal 4x4 vehicles and also to hidden secret places where there are no other tourists.

We start the tour by driving into the mountains on the same track as to Laki Craters.  We must cross rivers on our way and after crossing Geirlandsá river we stop at the waterfall Fagrifoss.  Fagrifoss is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland but yet one of the most hidden.  We stop there for about 30 minutes.  Then we drive back the same road and stop at the magnificent canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur.  There we will let you out at the higher end of the canyon and you can walk downhill to the canyon and by the side of it.  The super jeep will wait for you at the parking place at the lower end of Fjaðrárgljúfur.  There is a WC at the parking place where you finish your walk. (Takes about 40 minutes to walk and is easy)

We continue our tour and drive into the unique Pseudo Craters of Landbrotshólar.  The lava that formed Landbrotshólar craters is from the eruption in Eldgjá at the year 934 and is one of the biggest eruptions in historical time.  Pseudo Craters are like fake craters or rootless cones as it is formed when lava comes over area with shallow water or wet soil makes the water boil because of the heat and pressure from the lava and makes steam explosions under the lava and makes huge craters.

After driving through this magnificent area of Craters and lava we head to the big black sand beach.  To get to the beach you will have to know exactly where to drive because there are no visible roads in part of the beach as the sand is blowing back and forth.  We stop at the thundering waves of the North Atlantic Ocean.  Sometimes we get lucky and see the seals playing in the waves trying to catch fish.  The seals are normally very curious and stick their head up to look at the strange creatures standing on the beach.

After we have spent some time at the beach our next stop is at the emergency shelter.   The shelter was built to save the fishermen that got stranded on the beach.  We look at the old things that are still kept in the shelter and the brave ones can climb the lighthouse standing next to the shelter to have a great look over this endless black beach.  And as a special bonus we have a flush toilet in the shelter.

Price ISK: 

24.500 per person

Price information: 

Price per person. Minimum 2 participants to take the tour.  Solo travellers can of course participate on tours if we have other bookings on your preferred date or pay the minimum price.

Departure at 9:00 a.m.  Duration 5 - 6 hours.  This tour is on schedule from June to the end of September.  50% discount for children 12 and under