Northern Lights Hunt in a Super Jeep from Reykjavík

Explore the mysterious Northern Lights in a Super Jeep

Northern Lights hunt in a Super Jeep is an extraordinary experience.  Because of the specially  modified Super Jeep  we can go off the beaten track that are not accessible in a normal bus and cars in our search for the best location.

Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon caused by the interaction of particles from the sun with the upper atmosphere near the North Pole.  They are active all year long but we can only see the mysterious lights when it is dark enough and a clear sky.  In summertime in Iceland it's bright almost all the time so the best time is to see them is during the dark winter nights.  In Iceland we can expect to see the Northern Lights from September to mid-April.  If the lights are strong it is somethimes possible to see them in the city but they are always stronger and clearer in the darker area where we have no light pollution.

Choosing a Super Jeep to hunt for the Northern Lights means small group, greater experience and greater flexibility to hunt for the lights.  We have more chance to get to places more beautiful and more likely that we will be there alone.  It allows the guests to interact with the driver guide, ask questions and get some tips about photographing the Northern Lights.


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Price is per person.  Departure at 21:00 (9:00 pm)  Duration 3-4 hours.  We pick you up at your hotel in Reykjavík for free.  Please be ready in the lobby 30 minutes before the tour starts.

The Northern Lights Tour is operated every day when the conditions are favourable.  If no lights are seen you can go one more time with us free of charge the next time we go out.  Please give us a call to reserve your seat.

We do our best to appraise the situation daily and  carefully look at the latest data and weather reports.  we only go out for the hunt when we think it is a good chance to see the Northern Lights.  We let you know by email no later than 18:00(6pm)

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